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Press: Testimonials

Living The Lingo of Linguine is an alternative, fun, and remarkable read recommended as an educative approach for anyone seeking to acquire a touch of Italy and an intro to its picturesque inhabitants. Who better to provide us with this excursus than Teresa De Luca, a Canadian teacher and an Italophile whose origins are deeply taprooted in her ancestor's peninsula? With her nimble spirit, wit, and fad, Teresa charms her readers' page after page, leaving behind all those overused conventional cliches replacing them with expert anecdotes and a sly sense of perspicacity. Leafing through the chapters, each dedicated to some local ways of saying and figurative speech, readers will agree that Italy is a lovable cultured country, at the same time disrupted and defiant and where transgression actually means accepting the rules.

Dario Castagno- Author of Too Much Tuscan Wine

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